Chen-Style Changquan 108 Forms - Part 6

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Run Time:56 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Collections:Chinese Wushu, Chen Style
Cast: Chen Yongfa


The Chen-Style Changquan 108 Forms, which some believe to be the foundation of all modern Chen-Style Taijiquan, was created by Chen Wangting after absorbing the strong points of various styles from different wushu schools. This long-style boxing routine of 108 forms was kept by the Chen family for 12th generations, until the Chen-style disciple Chen Bufu was accused of a crime and fled to Shanxi province, changing his name to Guo Yongfu. The form was thought to be lost until 1975, when Taiji master Chen Liqing paid a visit to Xu Fangqing in Sanxi province and recovered the Chen-Style Changquan 108 Forms from him.

Note: This is disc 6 of a 7 disc set

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