Wudang Longmen Spear Movement

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Run Time:52 minutes
Content Type Rating:NR
Collections:Wudang, Featured
Cast: Yue Wu


The style covered in this instructional video emphasizes swift spear movements and strong attacks. While practicing, there are distinct alternations between action and stillness. The movement is simple and smart. When you move and revolve, the waving red tassel of the spear seems to cover the sun, and the sharp edge flashes like white flowers in the rain.

In the Wudang martial art, this movement focuses on increasing personal strength primarily and defense application secondarily. If one practices frequently, one can gain power in the waist, leg, arm and wrist, as well as use its strength more freely. The practice of spear techniques is beneficial for those who practice internal cultivation. For those who want to keep fit, the movement is easy to teach, to learn and to apply. It is convenient to practice.

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